Contract/consent ethicist, artist, author, and general weirdness magnet.

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My primary goal is teaching and promoting contract/consent ethics. Simple stuff: Don't breach consent, and learn how to avoid having your own consent breached.

As an author, I work in fiction and poetry, as well as technical documentation. I'm an archivist, primarily focused on digital restoration and preservation. This has led me to some weird places in art, so as an artist, I tend towards abstracts, watercolors, and wide brush calligraphy styles. As a musician, I'm usually working on something folk and something industrial. They often end up in the same album.

Why fund the Vac? Well, you'll be helping someone who can't work a regular job due to migraines, and that means a lot to me. Also, your support means my art and writing show up in more places, including a number of free-to-view ones.

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