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Writer of Garbage Collector blog where I write things and stuff. I propose articles about information technologies, popularization, legal stuff regarding privacy, and other personal topics.

I'm also an amateur photograph sharing his work.

I'm available on Fosstodon.

I've also wrote some e-books that are available to discover at my homepage.

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pyp-boy 1 Updated 2 months ago

A Text RPG set in the Fallout world using a Pip-boy inspired GUI written in Python and Flask.

devops-solutions-map 175 Updated 2 months ago

A tool displaying your DevOps solution map and their adoption for each step of the loop. Demo available on GitHub Page !

linux-explained 0 Updated 3 months ago

The sources of the e-book Linux Explained

fortune 0 Updated 4 months ago

A website generator using the unix fortune command and cowsay

garbage-collector-photo-blog 1 Updated 4 months ago

The Hugo theme I've made for my Photo Blog

ansible-formation 0 Updated 8 months ago

gundam-france 2 Updated 2 years ago

Sources of Gundam-france.com website.

hugo-shortcodes 5 Updated 2 years ago

Some hugo shortcodes


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