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Zaney is the username I typically go by online, and my name is Tyler. I have been on YouTube for a few years (at the time of writing this). My channel has gone through many changes. Originally I was doing hyper-cringe worthy gaming videos. Luckily I regained my senses and decided to transition to making content about Linux and occasionally gaming on Linux.

My channel is intended to be a place to openly discuss my opinions on free and open source software. I hope provide more than just opinions though. I'm striving to deliver informative content as well. Hopefully talking about software or things you might not have heard of. Doing some tutorials here and there.

I truly hope that my content spurs the motivation for someones journey into Linux like another, DistroTube, did for me.

What's In It For Me? Well, glad you asked. You'll get you name in the credits at the end of each video. As well as you'll be ensuring the continued improvement in video quality and frequency.

So again thank you for considering supporting me! From the bottom of my heart.

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