In Memory of John Peel Show

I do a "John Peel" type show that promotes independent, new and edgy music of all genres

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John Peel was a legendary English DJ who continually brought new acts, music & music styles to the public. A few years after he died in 2004 I was invited to fill the void (independent of the BBC). It's different in that it includes jazz elements (which John didn't 'get', Robert Wyatt told me). The In Memory of John Peel Show has spread by word of mouth worldwide free, by podcast and on various stations, w. listeners from 95+ countries. Ranked the best place anywhere on the internet to find new music two times out of two (2011, 2014).

To find the music what I do is similar to what a full-time station music director should do - I avoid trends and fads and playing commercial pop (the predictable easy music that PR agencies supply).

Overload? yep - I work basically full-time hours with 1000's of inputs (contacts/music sources) around the world, maintaining disciplined logging of every act, with information. The reward comes with the weekly stream of feedback thanking me for introducing mew music to people. Gifts here would help cover costs (podcast hosting site, internet fees, equipment - I've converted a barn to record and accommodate touring artists for free, and pay the bills...)

"always worthwhile radio show. Rich and beautifully selected. Go listen people!" "Not your normal piss weak indie or trying to be weird but not really weird at all stuff" "This radio show is always a fantastically diverse listen - great stuff" "... it’s barely worth listening to any other radio show"

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