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ZeMarmot is a project of 2D animation movie, under Creative Commons by-sa /Free Art licenses and fully made with creative Free Software (GIMP, Blender, Ardour…). When finished, everyone will be able to watch, download and enjoy it. The main artist (she has basically most roles: from film director to animator and background painter) is Aryeom, professional animation film director.

This is a movie about a marmot who decides to go travel the world, a simple story without pretentious claim which can be seen by all family. Yet for us, this is also our tell of freedom. Marmots are sedentary and group animals, except for this one who decides to see further. We do our share of wanderings around the world, and this is what we like to tell about.


During production, we contribute upstream to Free Software and in particular to GIMP. This is done by the second founder of the project, Jehan, who is one of the main core developers of GIMP, with about 19% of the commits in the last year.

This project is a symbiosis between the artwork creator and the tool creator because we believe this is the best way (both in terms of quality and enjoyability for ourselves) to progress.

By supporting ZeMarmot, you therefore support the creation of a nice movie, but also freedom of arts and freedom of tools. You help to improve GIMP and other Free Software, for us but also for yourself.


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