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Creator of zoe-translat.es, a website for poetry and translation.

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Who are you and what are you doing?

I am Zoë, the creator of zoe-translat.es – a site dedicated to poetry, translation, and the art of translating poems. I mainly work with classical literature in Classical Chinese and Sanskrit. In addition, I am also interested in Russian, Ukrainian, and modern Chinese poetry. You can read more about myself in the “About” page.

How can I help?

Your donation means twofold support for me.

  • First, it will contribute to a “writing grant” that, basically, helps me pay the bills – and there are a lot of them, including medical ones. With your help, I will be able to spend more time creating. And the more I create, the better my work will be, because practice is essential for any artistic pursuit.

  • Second, it will also help improving my website, especially its UX (user-experience) design and accessibility. Although it is a humble static website at the moment, I am already spending lots of time learning Web front-end development in order to keep it running and improving. Again, this takes time, focus, and labour – and that’s why your help will be especially valuable.

I also plan to release my code for the website in a more reusable and maintainable form and document the experience. I hope this may help more people with similar needs.

And there is more...

The most important thing above all is that your help will provide immense psychological and moral support no matter the amount.

It means that I am not alone, and there is goodness in what I am doing.

It means that we, as the reader and author, are attempting to create something good, some unique experience, together.

And hopefully, with our encounter, in some hidden dimension of the vastly-interconnected world, we will be carrying forward each other’s dream.

Thank you!

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