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my name is Marco (AKA Zughy) and I'm an Italian pixel artist. I've been enjoying developing games since I was a child, back to RPG Maker 2k3 (<3) then, and to Godot and Minetest today. Creating games is something I keep doing it in my free time as I don't want to turn it into a job, due to my quite lack of trust in the gaming industry nowadays.
I'm currently developing mods for Minetest, but my secret wish is to bring back what I loved playing when I was a teenager in a non-voxel world. One step at a time :)

My Minetest mods

  • Achievements Lib: API to easily implement trophies/achievements, storing them all in a single place
  • arena_lib: an API to easily implement as many mini-games as you want in your Minetest server
  • Block League: FPS hack'n'slash inspired to S4 League
  • Hub manager: convert your world in a giant mini-games lobby with several features, such as profiles and leaderboards. Add-on for mods like arena_lib
  • Magic Compass: have players teleport to predefined locations, via a handy menu featuring a high level of customisation
  • Parties: create or join parties to play in the company of other people
  • panel_lib: an API to easily create complex HUDs
  • Skins Collectible: unlock and change skins
  • Whitelist: decide who can and who can't enter your server

Learning how to make mods on Minetest

  • Modding Book: I translated in Italian the official book for anyone who wants to try creating mods

My texture pack

  • Soothing 32: 5 times lighter than Minetest's, it could run on a toaster. And it's also nicer 💆

My server

If you wanna try them out, feel free to join "A.E.S.", the server created by the group of volunteers about digital ethics I'm in (Etica Digitale)

My contributions to Minetest code


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