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my name is Marco (AKA Zughy) and I'm an Italian pixel artist. I've been enjoying developing games since I was a child, back to RPG Maker 2k3 (<3) then, and to Godot today.
I'm currently working on a hack'n'slash MMO with a bunch of friends, chasing my secret wish to bring back what I loved playing when I was a teenager. It's all too raw for now, but in the meanwhile feel free to check out my contributions to the free software:

Minetest (2020-2021)

  • Mods: I've made about a dozen, where the biggest contribution has been to bring minigames on Minetest
  • Modding Book: I translated in Italian the official book for anyone who wants to try creating mods
  • My texture pack: the most used on Minetest
  • Code contributions

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