A hub for technology users to navigate the misleading, outdated, and inaccurate information online.

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Adam’s Desk, your desk, our desk, the desk of humankind. Take a seat at the desk, open a drawer, and explore its contents. It is a hub of debunked misinformation and guided learning. At it, you will find a variety of technology-focused content, serving to fill the informational gap between products and consumers through honest reviews, transparent specs, how-tos, and headline tech. Answers to solutions will be found, eliminating the frustration of rifling through misleading, outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate information on the products that make us who we are. There is no junk drawer in this desk. Everything is professionally organized and simplified for your learning pleasure.

A technology enthusiast with over 30 years of computer science experience, specialized in DevOps (20+ years) for companies and individuals across North America and Europe, I am Adam Douglas, the founder and operator of Adamsdesk. Throughout my lifetime, I have discovered a disconnect between technological brands and their consumers in terms of product transparency and user experience. Though I do not claim to know everything (because who actually does?), I do know that I love learning and sharing my knowledge about this deficit with others. With this passion, I hope to adventure our way out of misinformation, and provide you with open and honest, accurate details about the hardware and software that continue to shape our lives.

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