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GNOME and web developer, contributing to the open source community.

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I spend my free time by contributing to the open source community, here's a list of some of my open source projects :

  • salatok-gtk : a gtk4 app for Muslims pray times and Quran reader and player with full control of pray time calculation methods.

  • salatok : a React app for the same goals of salatok-gtk targeting web users.

  • allacc : a Full stack web application ( Laravel + inertia + React ), similar to linktree with many more features.

  • gedit-javascript-editor : a ES7 and new javascript support for gtkviewsource4 (gedit) with snippet support for Nextjs and React.

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salatok Stars 2 Updated this week

Salat time and calendar Hijri and Quran mp3 with various reciters to get a new experience of the Muslim day, Free & Open source For all Muslims around the world.

salatok-gtk Stars 8 Updated 1 month ago

Linux gnome muslim salat ( prayer ) times and quran reader app.

AllAcc.tk Stars 2 Updated 2 months ago

Customizable Linktree Alternative Web Application with Advanced Analytics

React-PHP-Pack-RestfulAPI Stars 10 Updated 5 months ago

a simple user authentication system using React & PHP with restful php api

gedit-javascript-editor (fork) Stars 1 Updated 4 months ago

fork of juliomatcom/gedit-javascript-editor with ES6 full support and Jsx/Nextjs support

pingcrm-react (fork) Stars 0 Updated 2 years ago

⚛️ Ping CRM React - A demo app to illustrate how Inertia.js works with Laravel and React (hosted on a heroku free dyno).


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