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Why support me?

I love writing free software, but it is difficult to make a living from it. In the server world, you can sell support and training. Unfortunately this does not work for end-user applications and games, which happen to be the areas I enjoy working on.

This is where you come in: by supporting me, I can take days off from work and spend more time working on these free software apps and games.

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pixelwheels Stars 401 Updated 1 week ago

A top-down retro racing game for PC (Linux, macOS, Windows) and Android.

nanonote Stars 56 Updated 2 weeks ago

A minimalist note taking application

clyde Stars 28 Updated 2 weeks ago

A cross-platform package manager for prebuilt applications

git-bonsai Stars 20 Updated 2 weeks ago

Tend the branches of your git garden

burgerparty Stars 17 Updated 2 weeks ago

A time management game for Android where you play a fast-food owner who must put together the burgers ordered by her customers before time runs out.

sfxr-qt Stars 72 Updated 4 weeks ago

Qt port of SFXR, a sound effect generator, to generate retro-gaming like sound effects.

tmfi Stars 2 Updated 1 year ago

The Missing Firefox Installer

cat-avatar-generator-app Stars 31 Updated 1 year ago

An Android app to generate cute cat avatars

git-uff Stars 6 Updated 2 years ago

Prints the forge url for a given file of a Git repository checkout


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