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Towards writings and doings, continuity and resilience among bubbles, spicings, soil-making, vermi-composting & storytelling *actually non-linear storymaking and archival tendencies.. I share intimacies related to kitchens and knowledge or cultural production.

Social, cultural and political explorations within DIY -> Do-It-With-Others frameworks. Context is half the artwork it is said, and I am all for incomes and outgoings, working with and archiving to the Commons.. I would keep you abreast of things #KitchenLab here with posts, via Instagram that you can follow (featuring 'Me an Ma Wormies' since 2016-ongoing) & archive.org (Media or text gets archived there eventually with Commons-orientated licenses so it can be reused, distributed, remixed etc): www.agryfp.info

Welcome to support the process.. A small regular subscription of 3-5€ per month is welcome, as is a larger one, e.g. 20-30€, whatever you can afford, or are willing to give per month. I maintain a Patreon account also (@agryfp), where I write background narratives, stories, motivations and the occasional photo recipe, will occasionally post things open access for everyone, to encourage new subscribers, but will reserve the juiciest or tastiest things for subscribers. But this is an organic process, and I don't necessarily know what will be outcomes and outgoings over the year(s).

Liberapay is nice in comparison and complement to Patreon, because it doesn't take a cut of the donation, and it is possible to make pledges directly in Euros (€) without translation fee.


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