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agxfilm's goal is to receive $150.00 per week.
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AgX is an artist-run film lab and collective for moving-image artists in the Greater Boston area. We share resources, equipment, camaraderie and knowledge with the goal of creating a sustainable ecosystem for artists working in the medium of photochemical film. We value openness and fluidity, formal experimentation, collaboration over competition, and artistic integrity over commercial profitability.

As an entirely volunteer, non-hierarchical, and democratically-run organization, we seek to create a space that's both welcoming and affordable to our membership by means of a sliding-scale dues structure. We recognize that not all of our members have the same means to contribute financially, and that the non-monetary contributions of each our members far outweigh whatever they may be able to contribute in monthly dues payments. Still, physical space and consumable resources (such as chemistry, editing, and projection supplies) do come at a financial cost, and the burden of perpetually seeking ways to fill our funding gap continues to draw our attention away from our primary goal: to make and share films, and to support one another in doing so. The support of the broader community has proven essential in keeping AgX and its resources accessible and affordable for filmmakers of all stripes.

By committing to a regular monthly or yearly donation, you're helping us to fund our space, which serves as a workshop for our artist-filmmakers, a public screening venue, and place of learning removed from the large educational institutions that dominate this landscape. You're also contributing the continued growth and sustainability of a global movement of artist-run film labs across every continent (except Antarctica). Most importantly, you're helping us to focus on making and sharing our work, along with the work of visiting artists, thus strengthening the creative culture of Boston and beyond.

Any small contribution helps, so please give what you can! As a non-profit organization, all donations in the are tax-deductible in the US under section 501(c)(3). Thanks for helping to keep film alive!


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