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Hi, I'm Nils ! I am a system administrator, open-source contributor and content creator.

I started to share my main project, which is to run a lab containing a miniature version of the Internet, by streaming it on Twitch. This led me to upload my past streams to my YouTube channel, and to publish tools created for this occasion (and others) on GitHub.

All the video content is in french, but all the documentation for these tools is in english.

I'm also running some public services for everyone to use :

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dotfiles 6 Updated 1 month ago

Dot-files and some other configuration files

anotherhomepage.org 0 Updated 5 months ago

anotherhomepage.org website

manynodes 1 Updated 10 months ago

Infrastructure as code for quickly creating a few identical nodes in a dedicated subnet

runlab 5 Updated 1 year ago

Shell script that starts and stops a list of libvirt domains and networks

lab-as-code 5 Updated 1 year ago

Infrastructure as code for creating a personal network lab

cours-server-linux 23 Updated 1 year ago

Cours de gestion de serveur Linux

jubilant-octo-tribble 2 Updated 2 years ago

Just a showcase of my learnings about Terraform and Google Cloud Platform


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