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About me

I'm a passionate software engineer. Fortunately, I code for living but also as hobby. I love reverse engineering as well as building cloud systems integrations. When I build something useful, I like to share it with the community of OpenSource: there is nothing better than the gratitude of people who appreciate your work.

What I do

I've started some interesting projects such as Meross iot library and the Homeassistant component, which are gaining great success among the community. Donations motivate myself and push me to do better and better. Moreover, donations allow me to buy any new Meross hardware device when it's out on the market and also help me paying the electricity bill + server for CI/CD automated pipelines.


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MerossIot Stars 469 Updated 1 week ago

Async Python library for controlling Meross devices

meross-homeassistant Stars 689 Updated 3 weeks ago

Custom component that leverages the Meross IoT library to integrate with Homeassistant

Custom-Meross-Pairer Stars 61 Updated 4 months ago

Android APP that allows pairing Meross Devices with third party MQTT brokers

elmax-api Stars 0 Updated 9 months ago

terraform-gce-vyos Stars 8 Updated 1 year ago


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