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I started out my browser efforts exploring decentralized tools to (re)discover interesting/useful/entertaining/etc webpages, but after studying my dependencies I grew increasingly concerned about the state of the web. Concluding that we need new browser engines!

I want the web to become simpler, more private, and more accessable across a wider devices. I'm aiming to show the benefits of doing so!

I believe computers should exist to serve you and that they should respect your privacy. And a view free software and a decentralized web as being pivotal for that. I also appreciate the beautiful yet powerful simplicity elementary has achieved, and I want to help it be even better thereby attracting more people to free software.

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Odysseus 44 Updated 9 months ago

Bridging the elementary OS and Web user experiences

skos-cloud 1 Updated 4 years ago

A word cloud aesthetic for visualizing SKOS vocabularies


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