I make 8-bit music, pixel art, tech stuff and more.

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Hi :) I’m Lily (she/they), a musician, artist and tech nerd. I mostly make 8-bit NES/FamiTracker arrangements of Pokémon DP, HGSS and PMD2 songs, and I like drawing pixel art of cute characters. I’m also an enthusiastic PinePhone + Keyboard Case user.

Any donation, no matter the amount, is highly appreciated. But please do not feel obligated to donate. Only give to me if you can afford to do so and have already donated to others who need it more than I do. Everything I make will always be available for free and there are no mandatory price tags, paywalls or donation rewards.

Donations will be used to cover living expenses.

If you donate publicly, your username will be added to the “special thanks” list on my website and in main video outros, unless you tell me not to add it.

Thank you for reading (and possibly donating) and have a wonderful day :)

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