Alines "Quasev" #7777

Administrator of Giggleplex.Red, and questant for creating more egalitarian and mutualistic networks

alines7777's goal is to receive $10.00 per week.


Administrator of Giggleplex.Red, and a questant for creating more egalitarian and mutualistic network structures for online leftists.

My current projects include: - Developing social models and protocols, and individualized techniques for leveraging fediverse platforms like Mastodon or Pleroma to collaborative and productive use as thinktanks and as social media sanctuaries. - Administrating a Mastodon instance to implement such a model and sets of techniques. - Using our Mastodon to collaborate on the creation and publication of anarchist propaganda and videos. - Carrying forward plans to run a PeerTube instance to demonstrate the fruits of our work, and to demonstrate the viability of Mutual Aid in online settings, as well as offline.

My funding goal is $10 a week to run these projects. If you believe in these projects please consider donating, joining, and/or running similar projects of your own.

The more instances we have of such projects carrying on, and the more support and care that they receive, the greater the chances of our survival and meeting our projects' goals.

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