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Since 2007, I am running my life as a conscious extremely low-impact and low-budget Project, modelling a lifestyle of 100 years ago, or 3rd world rural life in many aspects, while having been able to incorporate solar power, and now even low-bandwidth networking, over the years.

The project is situated in a highly biodiverse protected mountain range in the Canary Islands, in an abandoned village that can be reached by trekking only. I do practically not participate in fuel consumption, run a wilderness garden inspired by the views of pre-permaculture natural farmer Masanobu Fukuoka, learn and teach to use and configure Linux, with a particular focus on low-end hardware and audio, and since I have been a life-long musician, I do produce some (free) music in my 12V home studio.

Since I do not have any occupation, I can take a lot of time for transmitting my ideals to many people, be it by inviting hiking tourists for a coffee in my garden and explaining local botany & ecology, be it by hosting travelers on hospitality exchange networks Trustroots, BeWelcome, and Couchsurfing, where since 2010, I am one of the most active hosts of the region (and Canaries are in demand), transmitting not only theory, but examples of ideals put into practice that are clearly visible to everyone. Not I say that I inspire others - my guests do.

As a Linux user, I am not a coder (I was in the day of Pascal and 6502 asm - yes, I am old), but I participate on the oftc, libera, and morte IRC networks where I help technically and socially when I can, sometimes showing a better capacity for putting myself into a noob's shoes and taking people from where they are, than more technically expert users, and not lacking the patience to work 6 hours with the same user to finally see his existing installation tuned into a fully-fledged audio workstation.

I am also fairly experienced in the musical and technical side of audio recording, and can often demonstrate how to properly leverage long existing FOSS software on ordinary hardware in order to get impressive results where uninformed users would invest in fast hardwae and propietary DAWs and plugins.

Now I am aware that my weekly goal is high for this platform, but regardless of whether it is reached or not, this is the goal. You will remember that I have no occupation, and since I do not receive any governmental aid, this means I am without income, too - all the decade-long project is working, because I am spending savings from my traveling vagabond & busker years at the unimaginably low rate of 500€/Year, which is bare subsistence and will not be sustainable for many more years. Update 2021: Savings are now used up, I'm living purely from donationssince a year, a good part happening in person, but summing to less than 500€/Year. I adapt, but a primary goal is, after having given freely, to secure a reliable revenue and possibly pushing it towards a healthier 1000€/Year standard of living, but apart from buying me better food & replacing broken household items, this should also allow me, in time, to expand my solar gear in order to be able to work more hours on the laptop and depend less on cloudless conditions, and possibly get better bandwidth, with the result that more music and studio setup patches/project files will get released, and that I can seed the awareness of practical downsizing & sustainable harmonic living into our networked social reality more effectively. A longstanding example project on my imaginary wishlist is recording, producing and publishing weekly fresh 30min audios of live birdsong from here in the middle of the reserve, with the potential of waking up memories of a forgotten reality in many living rooms without having to say a word.

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libera.chat IRC: aloo_shu , mostly in ##guitar, #weechat


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