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Blogging about Lisp, astronomy & space, retrocomputing

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I'm an astronomy and space popularizer, a Lisp enthusiast, and a Google Product Expert.

I've been using and programming computers as a hobby since the early 1980s. This long adventure led me to read about and experiment with many programming languages and environments, from Z-80 and MC-68000 Assembly to Lisp and Python. And it sparked my interest in retrocomputing.

I write about these interests and projects on my blog and Mastodon profile.

Lisp is the language that comes most natural to me, I'm most productive with, and gives me joy and not just fun. Your donations help support my work on Lisp projects such as coding, curating documentation, and blogging.

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stringscope Stars 4 Updated 2 months ago

A string listing tool in Interlisp

femtounit Stars 0 Updated 4 months ago

A unit test framework for Interlisp

free-python-books Stars 4671 Updated 4 months ago

Python books free to read online or download

suite8080 Stars 19 Updated 8 months ago

A suite of Intel 8080 Assembly tools

sysrama Stars 1 Updated 1 year ago

A documentation tool for Interlisp

braincons Stars 1 Updated 1 year ago

A Brainfuck implementation in Interlisp

pamoroso Stars 8 Updated 1 year ago

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