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Anarchy Planet maintains infrastructure that anarchists use to communicate with each other and to the world. Our infrastructure includes blogs, chat, email, social platforms, audio and video platforms, and web sites that connect us to each other.


Anarchist News

The best and only non-sectarian anarchist news site with an active comment section!

The Anarchist Library

The much-loved English language library of anarchist texts and texts of interest to anarchists. The Anarchist Library project also features libraries in many other languages.

Anarchy Tube

A video platform hosted by anarchists that uses PeerTube technology. PeerTube is a "free and open-source, decentralized, federated video platform." It provides a place to watch, upload, and comment on videos and supports live streaming with chat.

Anarchy Radio

Anarchy Radio provides free podcast hosting for anarchists and like-minded people.

Anarchy Planet IRC

Come chat with us through the magic of IRC. (Here's a how-to.) The public chat rooms are all briged to matrix (see Anarchy Chat below).

You can also create new rooms for your project or a topic of interest. Join and ask us how!

Anarchy Chat

Join the discussion on the matrix decentralized chat network. The public chat rooms are all bridged to IRC.

You can also create new rooms for your project or a topic of interest. Join and ask us how!

Anarchy Planet Jitsi

A Jitsi instance for voice and video calling.

ANews Podcast

The only audio source for anarchist news from the previous week. Intended to be useful and entertaining to anarchists and the anarcho-curious. The ANews Podcast remains wild, free, and independent of any domesticating audio collective.

ANews Etherpad

It's a pad, but anarchist. Hosted in our own succulent servers.

Anarchy 101

A simple question and answer site with a steady, thoughtful, and interesting core of participants. Most commenters have anti-political and anti-civ biases.

Anarchy Bang!

Episodes of the best and only anarchist call-in show, hosted by Aragorn! and featuring multiple guests over twelve months.


An anarchist image board for memes.

The Anvil Review

Before there was Agency.org, there was The Anvil, full of anarchists writing about popular culture for a broader audience.

The Brilliant

The name of this podcast was grounds for much misunderstanding, since it was intended to be inclusive and aspirational, but there are plenty of people who decided to take it differently. Anyway, this was the best and pretty much only anarchist theory podcast and continued sporadically for years, until the host's death. Aragorn! and either a co-host or a guest discuss multiple topics.

Little Black Cart

A small but potent distro with an eclectic collection, focusing on anti-political, nihilist, anti-state communist, anti-civ, and always anarchist content. Books, pamphlets, music, poetry, tee-shirts, and even a board game or two.


Anarchy Planet's free, federated social networking server built on open protocols! Like Twitter but better!


ni.hil.ist is a Mastodon instance run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic perspective. The server is for anarchists, environmentalists, anti-racists, anti-capitalists, anti-authoritarians, children of ressentiment, aunties, queers, hackers, saboteurs, nihilists, and various other friendly people.


An instance of Pixelfed, a fediverse Instagram clone. No gods, no influencers.


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