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Anticapitalist.party is a Mastodon instance for people who are anti-capitalism. The "party" is about fun-- definitely not political parties.

Even though we are anti-capitalism, we haven't destroyed it yet, and we still need to keep the lights on. Our monthly expenses are the following:

  • €20 for Hugo's system administration services, which we retained because we do not currently have the time and technical ability to maintain the instance ourselves
  • €15 for the server from Ni-Host (an OVH reseller), physically located in Roubaix, France
  • €5 for server backups

Plus 38€ a year for domain name.

We will never charge members money, and we do not want money. But if you're inclined to help keep us online and it is not a hardship to do so, one-time or ongoing donations are welcomed and appreciated.

You can view the additional donations we receive via Patreon.

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