Anton Lazarev

Open source contributor and builder. Technology should be for users first.

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My dream is to ensure that everyone has access to technology that works in their own interests. To that end, I immerse myself in the open source ecosystem, allowing me to fix what doesn't work or build what doesn't exist yet. Open source is the ultimate anti-exploitation technology.

If you've ever found value from my contributions, your support is welcome.

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enum_dispatch Stars 151 Updated 1 week ago

Near drop-in replacement for dynamic-dispatched method calls with up to 10x the speed

jni_fn Stars 2 Updated 9 months ago

JNI-compatible method signature generator for Rust libraries.

warpclock Stars 2 Updated 2 years ago

Warp through your night with this Android alarm helper.

taro Stars 11 Updated 5 years ago

In-place tar file extractor for memory-limited systems

klostro Stars 0 Updated 5 years ago

Minuscule 5x8 bitmap font designed for use on retro hardware

ssd1309 Stars 7 Updated 2 weeks ago

SSD1309 driver for use with embedded_hal and (optionally) embedded_graphics

ampli-Fe Stars 172 Updated 5 months ago

Fully cross-platform VST2 plugin with a custom editor UI, written in Rust.

vst_window Stars 37 Updated 2 years ago

Cross-platform windowing library for VST plugins, written in Rust


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