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I've been developing software and hardware for over a decade now and I've always tried my best to keep my projects open and accessible for the rest of the world. My specialities are hardware design, embedded software and 3D-printers, but I will also do web development if I absolutely have to.

Over the years I did a lot of cool stuff from a simple webservice to host STL-Files, various breakout and development boards to a decoder for weather satellite signals.

If I'm not hacking for personal fun I try to give other cool projects a hand, by building the extra fancy bits and pieces that they might not have time for.

When Seidenstrasse was in need of simple, cheap and reliable out of band communication to control the first automatic routers, I developed the Seidenstrasse Signaling System 7. Additionally my 3d-printed fmp capsule became the quasi-standard capsule to be used in the Seidenstrasse system. You may also know my Zählrohr dashboard for Seidenstrasse, which unfortunately has been missing for the last two installations as it got damaged at the CCCamp15 and I never had the time and resources to fix it properly.

More recently helped the GPN17-Badge to work around some bootloader issues making rboot arduino compatible. Since the badge still lacked a simple and user-friendly way to install new roms to it, I wrote the gulash r0mst0re to complete the GPN-Badge ecosystem.

If I can spare the time I also give talks at CCC events, trying to share the things I learned with the rest of the universe.

I work on my projects mostly for fun and sometimes to help out fellow hackers and I don't need any money to continue doing that, but if you ever found anything I made useful and wanted to buy me a beer or new micro-controller this is your chance.

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zaehlrohr 2 Updated 4 months ago

IOstat for project seidenstrasse

avr-st7735 9 Updated 5 months ago

Plain C AVR library for ST7735 displays

ark-lna 0 Updated 3 years ago

A LNA for listening to sattelites in the VHF-band

multitag 3 Updated 4 years ago

A simple tool for adding metadata to multiple audio files in different formats at once

apt-decoder 14 Updated 4 years ago

Automatic picture transmission encoder in Rust

3dp-qfh 3 Updated 4 years ago

Quadrifilar helicoidal antenna for 137MHz made of 3D-printed connection elements and PVC-tubing

bfg540w-lna 1 Updated 4 years ago

A low noise amplifier for NOAA satellite APT signals.

fmp-capsule 3 Updated 5 years ago

3D-printabel Capsule for seidenstrasse

avr-lc7981 1 Updated 5 years ago

AVR library for the DataVision DG-16080-11

ESP8266-breakout 0 Updated 5 years ago

Breakout board for the ESP8266-03, Chaos InKL version

AS5043-Encoder 1 Updated 6 years ago

Magnetic rotary encoder based on AS5043

past3d 0 Updated 6 years ago

The pastebin for your stl files

kaboard 4 Updated 8 years ago

A small development board for atmega8


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