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What started out as a small side project over a year ago has developed into a substantial undertaking.

Wanting to create the best possible remote car experience I developed jlrpy, giving everyone the power to interact directly with the InControl API. Some really fun projects have been created based on jlrpy and it's really fun to see what people have used the library for. By providing not only a Python library but also documenting the entire API made it easy for developers across the world to integrate with InControl.

Based on the API research, I decided to go ahead and create WattCat, aiming to provide a great, free, community focused Android app specifically designed for the I-Pace. WattCat has been developed based on countless hours of API reversing, testing and development. The goal is to keep improving WattCat, providing the best possible remote car experience and hopefully support all current and future EVs from JLR.

Apart from the actual time spent on development, maintaining the app is far from free. Google Maps API usage, server hosting, domain name registration/renewal and Topix Access all require funding. As JLR releases more I-Pace variants and other future EVs, I hope to be able to continue development of both jlrpy and WattCat and keep being the best open source InControl API resource available.

Any donation is greatly appreciated and will help my work e further moving forward, but regardless of that, WattCat and jlrpy would never be what it is today without community support and I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who have contributed to the project.

Thank you so much!

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Python library for interacting with the JLR Remote Car API

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