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Assembly Four is a social enterprise building communities and tools for minorities. Our current project is Switter - a sex work friendly platform. Switter was created in response to the recent effects of FOSTA/SESTA and shadow banning of many workers' accounts. Despite the bill only just being passed, it has already had a detrimental affect on the community with sites such as Reddit and Craigslist pulling sections related to sex workers.

We set up Switter as a sex work-friendly alternative to mainstream social media which often censored workers.

The space is open to anyone involved in the sex industry. It is an open and free community where sex workers chat to fans, release new shoots, announce tour dates and whatever else they would like to share.

Switter is built on Mastodon, the world's largest free, open-source decentralised microblogging network.

What we're using donations for We will be maintaining a monthly blog on Medium to give you updates on progress on Switter and updates https://medium.com/assembly-four

We also love to hear your feedback! You can shoot us a message: <support@assemblyfour.com>

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