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Smithproxy is transparent TLS/TCP/UDP proxy supporting SOCKS and many other features. The project is in a need of some backers!


Smithproxy is transparent TLS/TCP/UDP proxy for linux. It's written in C/C++/Python and is quite complex medium-sized project with ~50k lines of code. It supports also SOCKS for explicit proxying and has its own and powerful CLI.
You can run smithproxy also in docker (via docker image) or using snap package.
Check out its git repositoryon github.


There is also counterpart project - pplay, which is PCAP replayer tool. Great if you don't need complexity of tcpreplay suite or it's just not appropriate to send exact TCP segments and relying on same TCP sequential numbers. Pplay can replay also smithproxy capture files and you can download it directly via pip.
Check out its git repository on github.


Keeping project(s) on is main goal. It's no longer acceptable for me to sacrifice nights coding it while still doing my main job in business hours. Funding this project will help to move from my main job to work on smithproxy and pplay.

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