Artyom "avp" Poptsov

Free software developer, Lisper, CADR hackerspace co-founder.

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Hello, my name is Artyom V. Poptsov. I also known as "avp".

I'm writing and maintaining some free software projects, namely:

  • Guile-SSH -- SSH library for GNU Guile that GNU Guix uses for its offloading feature.
  • Guile-DSV -- A Delimiter-Separated Values format parser for GNU Guile.
  • Guile-SMC -- GNU Guile State Machine Compiler.
  • Guile-Deck -- Matrix network SDK for GNU Guile.
  • ...and others

Also I co-founded a hackerspace in Russia that is called "CADR" (for the Lisp operation of the same name.)

My home page: https://memory-heap.org/~avp/

That's it.


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guile-ssh Stars 57 Updated 3 weeks ago

Guile-SSH is a library that provides access to the SSH protocol for GNU Guile programs.

guile-smc Stars 24 Updated 3 months ago

GNU Guile State Machine Compiler

guile-ics Stars 10 Updated 4 months ago

iCalendar/vCard parser for GNU Guile.

guile-udev Stars 7 Updated 5 months ago

GNU Guile bindings to libudev.

guile-dsv Stars 16 Updated 7 months ago

Delimiter-separated values (DSV) format parser for GNU Guile.

guile-ini Stars 7 Updated 8 months ago

GNU Guile INI library.

guile-deck Stars 11 Updated 2 years ago

GNU Guile Matrix network SDK.

guile-gitlab Stars 3 Updated 2 years ago

GNU Guile interface to GitLab CE REST API.


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