75% of the donations fund awesomeBible. 25% goes to projects that make awesomeBible possible.

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awesomeBible collects donations to cover infrastructure costs and to fund new projects. 75% of your donation goes directly to awesomeBible, 25% is donated to projects on the Honor List.

75% - The money that goes to awesomeBible:

We use the money to pay for and expand infrastructure (hosting, etc). Your donation will be used to pay for web hosting, and to fund the development of open source projects like Verse and my.awesomeBible.

25% - The money that goes to projects on the "Honor" list:

To built awesomeBible, we used many different projects from people that maintain them in their free time - we are so grateful for that! 😍

We therefore pass on 25% of our donations to these projects so that they can continue to exist and improve for a long time to come.

Because transparency is important to us, we keep a list below of which project received which donation amount.

Donation amounts to projects on the Honor List:

Since not everyone on the honor list offers a donation option, the list below may differ

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