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til 12 Updated this week

Personal Wiki of Interesting things I learn every day at the intersection of software development, computer science & stuff (My Second Brain 🧠️)

30-seconds-of-cpp 851 Updated this week

30 Seconds of C++ (STL in C++). Read More about 30C++ here 👉

Bhupesh-V.github.io 1 Updated 1 week ago

My Internet Home ❤️

defe 25 Updated 6 months ago

devfeed is a Tech feed Aggregator for Developers & Tech Enthusiasts

dotman 60 Updated 7 months ago

dotman is a simple, elegant & easy to use dotfiles manager 🖖🏽

memer-action 9 Updated 7 months ago

A GitHub Action for Programmer Memes xD

tutorialdb 92 Updated 7 months ago

A search 🔎 engine for programming/dev tutorials, See it in action 👉

tools-i-use 2 Updated 1 year ago

Tools that help me ease up my life



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