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Masque-WoTLK Stars 8 Updated 2 months ago

Masque backported and compatible with WotLK.

Skada-WoTLK Stars 99 Updated 2 months ago

Skada for WoTLK, Revisited. If you have issues, suggestions or ideas, feel free to use GitHub issues or to report them on Discord.

SharedMedia Stars 11 Updated 1 year ago

SharedMedia, with lots of backgrounds, borders, fonts, statusbars and sounds.

KPack Stars 40 Updated 2 years ago

WoTLK collection of addons turned into modules inside a single addon.

Grid2-WoTLK Stars 20 Updated 2 years ago

Grid2 r736 for WoTLK

TidyPlates_WoTLK Stars 24 Updated 2 years ago

Backported TidyPlates & TidyPlates_ThreatPlates.


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