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harbour-sailhub 4 Updated this week

SailHub is an inoffical native GitHub app for Sailfish OS

harbour-takeoff 0 Updated 2 weeks ago

Takeoff is an autostart manager for Sailfish OS to start apps automatically after system boot.

harbour-hafenschau 3 Updated 2 weeks ago

Hafenschau is an unoffical Tagesschau client for Sailfish OS

harbour-twemoji 0 Updated 2 weeks ago

Twitter Emoji Pack (twemoji) for SailfishOS

harbour-quartermaster 3 Updated 3 weeks ago

Quartermaster is a native Sailfish OS Home Assistant client

harbour-tvhclient 0 Updated 3 weeks ago

TVH Client is a native Sailfish OS Client for TVHeadend server

harbour-kasa 1 Updated 3 weeks ago

Kasa is a native Sailfish OS application to control TP-Link Kasa smarthome devices.

harbour-apocalypse 2 Updated 3 weeks ago

harbour-mlsmanager 3 Updated 3 weeks ago

Manager for Mozilla Location Service offline packages for Sailfish OS

harbour-webview-example 1 Updated 4 months ago

harbour-webcontrol 0 Updated 6 months ago

Web Control is a Sailfish OS app to control the device over a web interface in your browser


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