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Bugzilla is a ticket tracking system to track your bug reports and feature requests for your software projects. It is a server-side tracking system which needs to be installed on a web server with an available database before it can be used.

Contributions to the project will be used to cover server hosting, administrative expenses, licensing the Bugzilla trademark from the Mozilla Foundation, and when possible, developer and reviewer time.

If you can't spend money but still want to help, a list of other ways you can contribute can be found on bugzilla.org.

The Bugzilla Project is managed by Zarro Boogs Corporation, which is a non-charitable non-profit organization (your contributions will not be tax deductible).

For more details about what Bugzilla is doing with the money, you can see our specific goals and track our progress on our Funding page.

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Official repository for the Bugzilla bug tracking system. Report bugs to https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Bugzilla&format=__default__ . Main website:

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