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i make libre culture pieces and occasionally contribute to free software . all of my original works are available under CC-BY-SA or GPL licenses (it's possible there will be something distributed at more lax licenses, such as sound samples) . at the moment my art is mostly centered on music (most of it is available on badcamp, which i'm not happy with, but it's a compromise for now; the whole of my released music is also available on ZeroNet , see below) , but i also write short stories and poetry (mostly in russian) , as well as have a bunch of novels-in-slow-progress ; and make (usually musically related) videos , both solo and in collabs . i have an interest in making a complete libre translation of Osamu Dazai's works into russian and english , though at the moment only one short story is done . central hub for my content is a still underdeveloped site/blog , whose sparse blog part contains some of my random thoughts on different subjects as well as rarely timely updates .

i'm also a proponent of p2p platforms , thus being active on 0net and maintaining its implementation , with some content currently being exclusively hosted there . besides mirror of my site , the central hub there is my 0me page with profile listing all the links to my sites . it's also at the moment the only way to read my microblog thingy .

i avoid most centralized closed platforms and would recommend you doing the same . by doing so i'm being less visible to the larger audience , so spreading via word of mouth would be especially essential for me .

beyond oneliners , i've been involved in Synfig and OpenToonz development . my own (with or without team) code-related projects include a bunch of ultra-small scale games (a bunch of them using Ren'py VN engine , to which i also contributed a little) . but generally at the moment i'm only theoretically interested in programming . i'm excited about (homotopy) type theory in programming and beautiful language Agda ; at some point this interest may bring some fruits .

my general art direction is free improvisation , experimentation and pushing boundaries of aesthetics , but at the same time there is a considerable slice of my music that would be tolerable and/or pleasant to more than a niche of advanced listeners . about the same goes for my non-music endeavors .

i don't have a paid job at the moment nor do i intend to have any kind of regular job , thus my rl life (which unfortunately still requires money exchange) can only be sustained by crowdfunding or targeted donations

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