Alexander Cobleigh

I’m a crowdfunded independent researcher and engineer

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My work currently focuses on combining usability with peer-to-peer applications and ideas. The intent of that work is to create easy-to-use, sustainable infrastructure and tools for people and their communities.

Being an independent researcher means I rely on independent sources of funding. If you like or use my work, you can join others and help fund more.


A selection of projects created over the span of the last few years.

  • Cabal (ongoing) a protocol for local-first peer-to-peer realtime group communication
  • Cerca (2022): a golang-based forum suite
  • Lieu (2021): a community-focused search engine
  • plain (2021): a static-site generator operating on markdown using plaintext files
  • TrustNet (2020), a subjective moderation system
  • Monotome (2018): an open source wiki


When not creating new projects and solutions, I contribute to existing ones.

Being a long-time community member of Secure Scuttlebutt I've been lucky to work directly on the project in a few different capacities, including contributing to the golang ssb implementation, pitching in to the hardware-based hosting platform PeachCloud, among a few others.


Whenever possible, I try to help pull together people by co-hosting meetups and conferences in the areas I find myself in.

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