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A wrapper of Syncthing for Android.

Major enhancements in this fork are: Folder, device and overall sync progress can easily be read off the UI. "Syncthing Camera" - an optional feature (with optional permission to use the camera) where you can take pictures with your friend, partner, ... on two phones into one shared and private Syncthing folder. No cloud involved. (deprecated) "Sync every hour" to save even more battery Individual sync conditions can be applied per device and per folder (for expert users). Recent changes UI, click to open files. Changes to folder and device config can be made regardless if syncthing is running or not. UI explains why syncthing is running or not. "Battery eater" problem is fixed. Discover other Syncthing devices on the same network and easily add them. Supports two-way synchronization on external sd cards since Android 11. Supports encrypted folders on untrusted devices.

Goal of the forked version Develop and try out enhancements together Release the wrapper more frequently to identify and fix bugs together caused by changes in the syncthing submodule Make enhancements configurable in the settings UI, e.g. users should be able to turn them on and off Let's get ready for newer Android versions that put limits on background syncing tools. We need your bug reports as detailed as possible

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Syncthing-Fork - A Syncthing Wrapper for Android.


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