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Mathematics and computer algebra researcher for differential geometric algebras 🇩🇪 🇺🇸

Developing julia programs on github https://github.com/chakravala

These projects and repositories were started entirely on my own initiative and goals.

Projects are available as free software to help spread the ideas to a wider audience.

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Wilkinson.jl 3 Updated 2 weeks ago

Toolkit for studying numerical analysis and floating point algebra round-off

Fatou.jl 107 Updated 2 weeks ago

Fatou sets in Julia (Fractals, Newton basins, Mandelbrot)

Reduce.jl 229 Updated 2 weeks ago

Symbolic parser for Julia language term rewriting using REDUCE algebra

Grassmann.jl 442 Updated 3 months ago

⟨Grassmann-Clifford-Hodge⟩ multilinear differential geometric algebra

DirectSum.jl 48 Updated 5 months ago

Tangent bundle, vector space and Submanifold definition

TensorFields.jl 3 Updated 6 months ago

TensorFields with product topology using Grassmann element parameters

Adapode.jl 10 Updated 7 months ago

Adaptive P/ODE numerical solvers with Grassmann element TensorField assembly

StaticVectors.jl 8 Updated 7 months ago

Statically sized tuple vectors for Julia

AbstractTensors.jl 42 Updated 7 months ago

Tensor algebra abstract type interoperability setup

FieldAlgebra.jl 8 Updated 8 months ago

Field-algebra based on Group / Ring symbolic vector module extension

Geophysics.jl 8 Updated 9 months ago

Planetary science data for atmospheric geophysical models

MeasureSystems.jl 2 Updated 9 months ago

Measurements.jl compatibility layer for UnitSystems.jl

Similitude.jl 6 Updated 1 year ago

Dimensions and Quantities for UnitSystems.jl

UnitSystems.jl 11 Updated 1 year ago

Physical unit systems (Metric, English, Natural, etc...)

Ganja.jl 11 Updated 1 year ago

Interface for the ganja.js library in Julia

FlowGeometry.jl 2 Updated 1 year ago

Geometry for fluid dynamics

Leibniz.jl 18 Updated 1 year ago

Tensor algebra utility library

Grassmann.wl 5 Updated 2 years ago

⟨Leibniz-Grassmann-Clifford⟩ multilinear differential geometric algebra

VerTeX.jl 14 Updated 3 years ago

Typeset scattered graph data rewriter based on LaTeX nodes

Ajna.jl 2 Updated 4 years ago

Perception & intuition for geometric algebra visualization


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