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Open Source Software

I produce open source software. Some of it is related to computational intelligence. In other cases, utilities I've implemented to assist in the development process. If you find any of my open source projects useful, feel free to support them.

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user-statistician 5 Updated this week

Generate a GitHub stats SVG for your GitHub Profile README in GitHub Actions

core 0 Updated this week

Utilities and data structures used by several of my projects

rho-mu 0 Updated this week

ρμ - a Java library of Randomization enHancements and Other Math Utilities

chips-n-salsa-examples 0 Updated this week

Example programs for usage of the Chips-n-Salsa library

InteractiveBinPacking 2 Updated this week

Self-guided tutorial on combinatorial optimization, the bin packing problem, and constructive heuristics, suitable for use as course assignments, or by self-directed learners.

Chips-n-Salsa 8 Updated this week

A Java library of Customizable, Hybridizable, Iterative, Parallel, Stochastic, and Self-Adaptive Local Search Algorithms

JavaPermutationTools 3 Updated this week

A Java library for computation on permutations and sequences

jpt-examples 0 Updated this week

Example programs for the JavaPermutationTools (JPT) library

ZigguratGaussian 3 Updated this week

Fast Gaussian distributed pseudorandom number generation in Java via the Ziggurat algorithm

examples-jacoco-badge-generator 0 Updated this week

Sample Java project with runnable workflows demonstrating the cicirello/jacoco-badge-generator GitHub Action

pyaction-lite 0 Updated 1 month ago

A base Docker image for Github Actions implemented in Python

count-action-users 1 Updated 1 month ago

Generates Shields endpoint with number of users of a GitHub Action

gnu-on-alpine 0 Updated 2 months ago

A lightweight docker image for shell scripting with GNU tools

alpine-plus-plus 0 Updated 2 months ago

A lightweight docker image for shell scripting and git

jacoco-badge-generator 17 Updated 2 months ago

Coverage badges, and pull request coverage checks, from JaCoCo reports in GitHub Actions

self-tuning-lam-experiments 0 Updated 3 months ago

Code and experiment data from the paper: "Self-Tuning Lam Annealing: Learning Hyperparameters While Problem Solving"

modified-lam-experiments 2 Updated 4 months ago

Experiments with simulated annealing and an optimized version of the modified lam adaptive annealing schedule

pyaction 1 Updated 4 months ago

A base Docker image for Github Actions implemented in Python

javadoc-cleanup 2 Updated 6 months ago

Create mobile-friendly documentation sites by post-processing javadocs in GitHub Actions

generate-sitemap 7 Updated 6 months ago

Generate an XML sitemap for a GitHub Pages site using GitHub Actions


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