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Maker of dark and organic sounds under various monikers in industrial, powernoise, synth, techno, house, noise, soundscape and adjacent styles. Original albums, EPs, remix and sound design.

Have converted most of 20 year back catalogue to digitally available free or donation and CC licensed with more to come. The least evil platform at the moment finds me on Bandcamp https://control.bandcamp.com but in the interest to be freely available for those who may not even want to download for free from there... the growing repository lives in multiple file formats at: https://mega.nz/#F!hFVmSaba!jaGJhzVq3rN6ced5L9pPdA

Feel free to drop some support here if you appreciate the catalogue and be on the bleeding edge for new release as we experiment with audio and visual and divest from as many exploitative platforms as possible.

New material developing from all the projects in 2020. Also currently developing industrial, dark and organic sound and loop mini libraries to release also under CC. Any support on any platform or even just spreading the word is much appreciated. Any help towards offsetting web and production costs is highly meaningful in ramping up for more regular high quality output offered freely.

Making music for health and social conscious and you are welcome to come along for the ride. Reach out for any custom sound design, scoring, remix or collaboration requests...


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