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Daniel Dietrich is the creator of popular open source projects.

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Daniel Dietrich is husband of a wonderful wife and proud father of 5 children. He is a book author and writes articles about his work for international magazines. On his website danieldietrich.dev he publishes articles about his current work.

Daniel focuses on functional Java development, and full-stack web development in JavaScript and TypeScript. In particular, Daniel is interested in Web Design, Distributed Architectures, Ledger technology, Machine Learning (ML) / Deep Learning (DL) and Digital Transformation.

Daniel is the creator of the non-profit VAVR organization for object-functional programming in Java. He shares with you the source of his Java and JavaScript libraries on GitHub. The binaries are publicly available on Maven Central and npmjs.com.

Daniel needs your help to pay infrastructure costs. He sends advertising material around the world, like stickers for user groups and conferences. The time he spends on coding, answering community questions, solving issues and providing documentation can't be quantified in money.

If Daniel gets enough patrons, he will be able to focus more and more on the work with the open source community.

Thank you for your help!

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