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Hi, I'm D. Jason Fleming, and I write exclusively under Free Culture licenses, usually CC BY-SA. (The only exception is if another author asks me to write in one of their universes; then the license is up to them, out of respect for their creation.)

Once I have a large enough fanbase, I may do a crowdfunding campaign to release a book under the CC0 license, putting it into the public domain, but that's in the future. I would have to make enough to make up for the loss of revenue making it PD would ensure on Amazon.

In addition, I find public domain books and pulp stories that have not been republished (such as on Project Gutenberg), convert them to ebooks, proofread them, and put them up on Amazon for sale. I would like to release the base Markdown file for each book or story on the Internet Archive, but want to make back enough money to cover the work I put into the conversion first.

If you want to do more than support, and have access to me directly and content I share with supporters, join my Locals community. If you just want to encourage me to set things free more quickly, no interaction necessary, then LiberaPay is the way to go.

You can also find me on:

I still have accounts on Twitter and Youtube, but I don't use them much.


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