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Building free, open-source platforms for integrating musical and visual performances

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We are creating and sharing projects that empower light shows, laserists, VJs, DJs, and musicians worldwide. The first was afterglow, a lighting controller suitable for Live Coding performances. It led us to get curious about synchronizing its metronome with DJ gear via MIDI and the Pro DJ Link protocol, which led to dysentery, Beat Link, and Beat Link Trigger which have devoured all our free time for the last few years!

The detail with which we’ve shared the underlying research has spawned a number of related projects in other languages as well.

If you’ve been helped, inspired, informed, or even just intrigued by all this and would like to help facilitate our continued investment in tools, toys, and time, we thank you.


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beat-link-trigger 237 Updated 1 week ago

Trigger events and automate shows in response to events on Pioneer CDJs

afterglow 366 Updated 1 month ago

A live-coding lighting controller, building on the Open Lighting Architecture with Clojure and bits of Overtone.

beat-link 124 Updated 1 month ago

Java library for synchronizing and communicating with Pioneer DJ Link equipment

open-beat-control 19 Updated 1 month ago

Provides a subset of beat-link features over Open Sound Control.

dysentery 124 Updated 1 month ago

Exploring ways to participate in a Pioneer Pro DJ Link network

carabiner 115 Updated 4 months ago

A loose connector for interacting with Ableton Link

crate-digger 71 Updated 4 months ago

Java library for fetching and parsing rekordbox exports and track analysis files.

beat-carabiner 24 Updated 4 months ago

A minimal tempo bridge between Pioneer Pro DJ Link and Ableton Link.

ola-clojure 6 Updated 5 months ago

A Clojure library for communicating with the Open Lighting Architecture

wayang 28 Updated 5 months ago

A Java library for displaying images on the Ableton Push 2

DisplayWatcher 2 Updated 5 months ago

Utility to run scripts based on recognizing your Mac display configuration

electro 0 Updated 5 months ago

Java tools for working with musical time


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