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hafas-gtfs-rt-feed 5 Updated 2 weeks ago

Format HAFAS data as GTFS Realtime.

vbb-lines 3 Updated 2 weeks ago

VBB lines and their stations.

vbb-rest 107 Updated 1 month ago

An HTTP API for Berlin & Brandenburg public transport.

html-vault 29 Updated 2 months ago

Store a secret securely in a standalone HTML file.

pan-european-public-transport 4 Updated 2 months ago

[prototype] – Public transport routing across Europe.

db-rest 41 Updated 3 months ago

A clean REST API wrapping around the Deutsche Bahn API.

hvv-rest 5 Updated 4 months ago

An HTTP API for Hamburg public transport.

bvg-rest 55 Updated 4 months ago

An HTTP API for Berlin & Brandenburg public transport.

generate-db-shop-urls 12 Updated 4 months ago

Magically generate Deutsche Bahn ticket URLs.

parse-human-relative-time 19 Updated 6 months ago

Parse human relative time strings like "next Tuesday 3pm".

stable-public-transport-ids 4 Updated 6 months ago

Get normalized IDs for public transport stations, etc.

serve-buffer 4 Updated 1 year ago

Serve a Buffer via HTTP, with Range and conditional-GET support.

self-decrypting-html-page 31 Updated 1 year ago

Generate a standalone HTML page that decrypts data.

url-decode-encode-cli 13 Updated 1 year ago

Command line utility for URL decoding & encoding.

merge-vbb-stations 3 Updated 1 year ago

Heuristic to find VBB stations & stops that should be one.

extract-gtfs-shapes 4 Updated 1 year ago

Extract shapes from a GTFS dataset.

authenticated-pipe 6 Updated 1 year ago

Make sure you receive data from the right person.

epsg-index 13 Updated 2 years ago

A machine-readable index of all EPSG coordinate systems.

redis-stream 7 Updated 2 years ago

Redis 5 Streams as readable & writable Node streams. Plus a CLI.

synchronous-autocomplete 9 Updated 2 years ago

Fast, simple autocompletion.


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