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This is a podcast of opinions made up of four people who love Linux

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Destination Linux is podcast made by 4 people who love using the Linux platform and want to share our passion for Linux with as many people as possible.

Destination Linux, hosted by Ryan, Michael, Zeb and Noah, is weekly conversational podcast about Linux containing the latest news, in-depth discussions and some fascinating one-of-a-kind interviews. Our passion is learning and exploring all the many facets of our favorite distributions, desktops, and software. In addition to the news coverage, most of us love to game on Linux so feature weekly gaming news and once a month we’re joined by Liam from GamingonLinux.com to have a great gaming discussion.

Each host of Destination Linux also creates content on their individual channels and podcasts, so if you want some more content from DL then be sure check out those channels. If you’d like to get in touch you can find links for each host on their respective pages as well as at destinationlinux.org/contact.

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