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What is the best on our idea and what we want to realize for you?

We plan to set up an LDAP for Mastodon, Matrix and NextCloud where you can login with one user, you get from us.

Step 1

  • a Matrix server
  • a Mastodon server

Step 2

  • a small NextCloud-Account on one instance together with each other

Step 1 and 2:

  • Backup included

Step 3

  • Clustering the servers

Step 4

  • an automatic creation routine when you start using the three services

Your ideas are welcome:

  • Do you have an idea in case of a name?
  • Do you have an idea in case of a subject?
  • Do you have an idea in case of a logo?

This can be an instance and a start of a small project in common for us.

By the way: we do have an idea in case of a name and the domain already exists. We can do other, if you want.

First Step:

We will start with the domain we have reserved for this.

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