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I contribute to a variety of free software, with a current focus on the proprietary AEC industry.

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I have contributed to the communities and code of many free software projects. I now have a current focus on providing a full free software pipeline to replace proprietary software in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

This is a challenging task, given the current market reliance on proprietary software and the monopoly market. I've been hard at work on BlenderBIM Add-on project, with ambitious goals. This requires a huge amount of time and effort invested into the cause. I have created a series of utilities with Blender integration to provide a full OpenBIM authoring pipeline in the AEC industry. This includes IFC import / export, IFC quality analysis with BIMTester, IFC diff, IFC clash detection, BCF management, environmental simulation integration, construction documentation authoring, and more.

I have also ported Ladybug Tools to Blender via Sverchok - a visual node programming interface to allow environmental analysis in Blender. Ladybug Tools has had one of the most significant software impacts to the world of sustainable design, and the port to Blender now allows it to be used with a full free software stack.

I also contribute to FreeCAD, through advocacy, and have written code related to draft editing and OpenBIM IFC authoring. My current work on the BlenderBIM Add-on also allows both projects to simultaneously gain improvements through the IfcOpenShell library, and through the many shared resources.

I also participate in the buildingSMART group, through advocacy, and review of OpenBIM data standards to try and bring non-proprietary formats to the AEC industry. This includes the IFC, BCF, and OpenCDE projects. This industry standards body that authors the ISO standards that govern the AEC industry previously had little to zero free software voices influencing the future of the industry. It is vital for the free software community to continue to participate.

I also helped start the OSArch group, a free software community with a focus on changing the highly proprietary AEC industry. There is now a wiki and forums, which I help setup and administrate. I've written many articles on best practices on producing OpenBIM data, including from proprietary software, to help ease the industry towards a more open future.

In the past, I have also:

  • Contributed to Blender, through advocacy, community support, and starting the first Blender Model Repository to let the community share free 3D models
  • Contributed to KDE, through advocacy, community support, writing simple widgets, helping in the KDE website redesign, and forum moderation
  • Contributed to Gentoo Linux, through advocacy, community support, becoming a package maintainer and doing treecleaning work
  • Contributed to Radiance, through advocacy, writing tutorials, and developing a new industry-first workflow to integrate it with CG rendering techniques, and open-sourcing all assets related to it
  • Contributed to OpenStreetMaps, through advocacy, helping to run mapathons, bulk importing Australian NSW address data, and a variety of smaller commits
  • Contributed to OpenStreetCam, providing thousands of kilometers of open source dashcam imagery in Sydney for use in improving open street maps and machine learning
  • Written a variety of small free software PHP scripts and frameworks, working purely with a variety of free software.
  • Published some CC-licensed musical scores for those learning music theory with Lilypond

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