A student who has a passion for making software that just works.

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About me

Based in California, I'm a high school student who works on making tools for people, not products. I strive to give people tools that empower them to do amazing things. To empower people there's two things that I'm always consistent with from tool to tool: the way a user interacts with the tool is simple, but powerful and that privacy is given by default.

I have skills in graphic design, software development, web development, and audio and video editing. I’m picking up 3D modeling and visual effects. I've had an interest in homelabbing, server coalitions, Linux, iPods, and jailbreaking/rooting.

Why you should sponsor me

Everyone has already pointed out in every single donation system ever made that more money means more time for me to focus. However, I usually end up funding projects out of pocket to pay for server costs and to pay volunteers for their hard work to show my appreciation outside of just a "Thank you." Donations go straight into the hands of volunteers and to help pay for those servers.

You can see the full list of projects you would be supporting via my portfolio here.

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