Matt Ronchetto

High school student planning to study computer engineering.

doamatto's goal is to receive $4.90 per week.
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Salut 👋

My name's Matt Ronchetto (I go by doamatto on the Internet) and I'm a high school student planning to study computer engineering. Outside of school, I run The Farer Group with Daniel and develop and design open-source software, with an emphasis on ethical development and accessibility. See what I've been working on →

Although I offer other ways you can support me and what I do, I let people help cover the expenses. Based on the current expenses (see below), I set a monthly estimate that should be able to help cover everything. In a perfect world, I would be able to do this forever off the support of others alone. Naturally, we don't live in that world, so I do my best to fund things to the best of my ability. Although as a student that can be hard, I still try my hardest to keep my sites up and my projects underway.

Current expenses

  • Web hosting— 5 EUR a month (~4,97 USD; 1984 Hosting)
  • Email hosting— 140 USD every 3 years (Fastmail)
  • Personal backup— 7 USD a month (70 USD a year; Backblaze)
  • Domain fees— 45 USD a year (as of 2022-08-27; Namecheap)
  • Estimated expenses weekly: 4,90 USD ≈ 4,902 USD ((((140/3)/12)+4,97+7+3,75)/4))

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