a small dog flailing at computers until they beep loudly in dismay

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Hi! I'm some weird-ass human-shaped dog that acquired the ability to program.

I make music, if you're into that, and put it on Bandcamp.

Some of my notable software projects are:

  • awooOS — an operating system I'm creating to experiment with newer technologies. (C11, Docker, etc)
  • whaledo — a tool for working with common toolsets using Docker. awooOS uses this.

I'm also working on a series of books called Ruining The Magic, which will explain how computers work from physics all the way up to how a browser pulls everything together to render a website.

I also work part-time for Ruby Together, helping maintain RubyGems and related projects.

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okay 2 Updated 1 year ago

concise, easy-to-understand Ruby implementations of common utilities.

whaledo 0 Updated 4 years ago

A thing for working with Docker containers designed for isolating interactive tools.


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