Simon Dalvai

Creator of Ball2Box, Pocket Broomball and other Open Source games

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Hello, I'm Simon Dalvai. I create open source games for free with zero ads and zero tracking and write a blog about game development and more. Every donation means a lot to me ❤️


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godot-ios-upload Stars 18 Updated this week

Github Action to upload a Godot 3.x and 4.x iOS game to Test Flight

godot-android-export Stars 10 Updated this week

Export Godot 3.x and 4.x games to Android with Github Actions

pocket-broomball Stars 25 Updated 3 weeks ago

The world's first broomball video game, made with Godot Engine for iOS, Android and Web

ball2box Stars 30 Updated 2 months ago

Casual ball game created with Godot Engine for iOS, Android, Linux and Web

sn4ke Stars 1 Updated 7 months ago

Snake game with 60 levels, made with libGDX for iOS and Android

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