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My name is Tobi and I'm a software developer.

After bailing on corporate social media around the end of 2020, I discovered Mastodon and the Fediverse. I really like Mastodon, and I feel like the Fediverse has lots of potential, but I also felt there were some features missing that prevented me from feeling really at home there.

So I decided to write my own Fediverse server, called GoToSocial!

What Is GoToSocial?

GoToSocial is social media server software that runs without tracking, adverts, or creepy data collection!

In Nerdspeak

GoToSocial is a Fediverse server project, written in Golang. It provides an alternative to existing projects such as Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, PixelFed etc.

One of the key differences between GoToSocial and those other projects is that GoToSocial doesn't include an integrated front-end (ie., a webapp). Instead, like the Matrix.org's Synapse project, it provides only a server implementation and a well-documented API. On this API, developers are free to build any front-end implementation or mobile application that they wish.

Because the server implementation is as generic and flexible/configurable as possible, GoToSocial provides the basis for many different types of social media experience, whether Tumblr-like, Facebook-like, or Twitter-like.

My wishlist for features that I want to add include:

  • Reputation-based 'slow' federation.
  • Granular post settings.
  • Local-only posting.
  • Easily-configurable character limit.
  • Groups and group posting.
  • Better safety features.
  • More post types.

Why Sponsor Me?

GoToSocial is a work-in-progress. When it's finished, I will release it as free, open-source software under the AGPL license, which means that anyone will be able to use it, for free, forever!

In order to keep it free, I need funding from generous donators like yourself, so that I can support myself while I keep working on it, fixing bugs, and adding features.

If you like the work that I do, and you want to support an independent developer, please consider signing up!


Sponsors get their name on the Github repository, eternal gratitude from me, and a warm fuzzy feeling in their hearts.

Thanks for reading! <3


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