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I develop free software/hardware and I write about it on my blog.

I'm also running an Ethical Innovation company called ElenQ Technology which helps individuals and small to mid sized companies to grow technologically in a ethical way. The company supports ideas which make the world a better place to live in. It also contributes to Free Software and Hardware and develops it's own ideas and tools, all of them published as Free Software.

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iniparser    0   Updated 5 months ago

Simple and direct INI parser in C

i18n_yaml    0   Updated 5 months ago

Barebones YAML based i18n for Node.js

droWMark    0   Updated 1 year ago

VIM plugin to post in Wordpress using Markdown

programming-notes    0   Updated 2 years ago

A compendium of notes about programming languages. Not real books but interesting as an introduction or a fast reference material.



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